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Archive for April 2008

Rockhopper’s key!

April 30, 2008

Rockhopper key is also a pin! Go to the quaters and you can find treasure hunt there! Have fun! Advertisements

Rockhopper’s key not out yet!

April 28, 2008

Nope, it’s not out yet. It be hidden in the afternoon, or at early night. I’ll keep checking.

Pin and free item cheat

April 25, 2008

The pin is at the ski village. Scroll over a shovel and it will dig up the treasure chest pin. Go to the outside of the pizza place. Get the salior hat.

Rockhopper brought A Free item and a bowl!

April 24, 2008

Wow, it’s just like the white and black salior shirt. Except this one is red and black. They have this rare bowl for 300 coins. Head down to the lighthouse. Anway, Rockhopper will be hidding his key to his quaters on April 28th.

Mission 7 out!

April 22, 2008

Pretty cool mission. Here are the steps to finshining it. 1.Click on G. 2.Look at the screen. 3.Exit and tunr to the far right to the invention cabnent. 4.Type key in. 5.Grab the magnet 3000 and head to the ice breg. 6. Get the cube in the water with the magnet. 7.Go to the pizza […]

More, more on Ninja!

April 20, 2008

I now wear the red hankerchief, green hat, black hoodie, red shades, and red gutair. He wears the camp backround and spider pin. He gets on mammoth and he is with Icecube856 in cool cube tv. Along with Bigtoe2007, and Harrison43. He also has a green puffle named Green.

April/May catolog cheats!

April 18, 2008

Hi, open the furniture catlog and click the refrigerator, to get the cake. Click the flat screen tv to get the big screen tv! Also., click the p to get the palm tree.

Upgrade to site!

April 17, 2008

Hello, my site is upgraded. I like the black around it. Let me know what you think!

I was blue on clubpenguin!

April 17, 2008

When I logged on I was blue! [Skin] I didn’t have the black skin so I had to buy it! [Rip off]

Contest! Soon! Lol!

April 17, 2008

Hi, I will be having a contest on great ideas for this site! Like a daily question[You write a question on a comment and I randomly pick and answer it.] Or the tip of the week or something. Be creative! There are prizes, they are 1.My buddy. 2. A party just for you at my igloo. […]