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Tips on how to dress cool!

Hi, this post is on clothing as you can see. 1: Wear some thing rare or old. Like the the blue paint or red paint. 2: Backrounds are a major thing to me. They represent how old you’ve been on clubpenguin, and represent fashion. 3: Pins could also be fashion material. Old pins or cool pins like the pencil or the sun can be also cool. 4: Dressing up like a pirate can be cool. Like the yellow and blue pirate hat. Arr!! Or just dressing up like a certain type of person. Pirates, vikings, ghots bees, and secret agents. 5: When you dress up like a certain person, add something to it. Like a red cape, clown shoes, or a blue propeller cap! Thats it for now I”ll have more tips soon!

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