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Mission 7 out!

Pretty cool mission. Here are the steps to finshining it. 1.Click on G. 2.Look at the screen. 3.Exit and tunr to the far right to the invention cabnent. 4.Type key in. 5.Grab the magnet 3000 and head to the ice breg. 6. Get the cube in the water with the magnet. 7.Go to the pizza plaza. Get the music sheet. 8. Go to town. Rookie is there, or a green penguin. Click the first speech bubble. Then click the bottom one. Take the gear poster. 9. Head to the lighthouse. Turn left, get the green bucket. 10. Go to the snow forts, put the bucket in the snow anywhere.  Go to the stage, put the music sheet on the paino after you’ve click it.11. Play them in order. Purple to white. Like that. 12.Give the poster of the gear to the puffle. Plus, the green bucket. Head to the HQ. 13.Put the spring in the test chamber in the gadget room. 14. Hit the red button. Take the spring out. 15. Put the snow gear in the test chamber. Hit the snow button. Take it out. Extra Credit. Go to the dock and throw snowballs, two penguins have the target. Hit the snow ball target three times. Then go to the sport shop, get the life ring. Give it to the penguins. Head to the snow forts. Put everything back together. Your done.

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